Legal notice

JÚLIA ESPAÑA PERFUMS, S.A.U. hereby informs you that it holds a computer file containing personal data and a general documentary file containing personal data within the GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE DATABASE OF JÚLIA ESPANYA PERFUMERIES, S.A.U.

The reason for the creation, existence and maintenance of this file is the processing of data, with the sole purpose of complying with the company’s legitimate objectives.

The parties receiving this information are all the departments, sections, premises and entities comprising JÚLIA ESPAÑA PERFUMS, S.A.U., as well as any official institutions with a statutory right to request the transfer of this data.

Refusal to provide the data requested shall mean that none of our services will be available to you.

In all cases, the undersigned is entitled to exercise his/her right to object to, access, rectify and delete data within the scope provided for under Organic Act 15/1.999 of December 13, implemented by the provisions of R.D. 1.332/1.994 of June 20.

The party responsible for the Database is JÚLIA ESPAÑA PERFUMS, S.A.U. Users may send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:, in order to exercise such rights, and request any clarifications

Pursuant to the above, and in accordance with the proposal received,

I EXPRESSLY CONSENT AND AUTHORISE the company JÚLIA ESPAÑA PERFUMS, S.A.U. to process the data which I have supplied of my own free will, for the purpose of complying with its business object, and to transfer such data to the Perfumerías Julia, S.A. group of companies, pursuant to the provisions of Act 15/1999 of December 13, and Act 34/2002 of July 11, and EC Directives 95/46/EC and 2000/31/EC, within the professional scope of JÚLIA ESPAÑA PERFUMS, S.A.U, and to assign such data to any public and private entities with which it may have agreements or hold contracts regulating the transfer of personal data.